What is Dropshipping

What in the world is dropshipping? We’ll tell you: it’s a business model that will help you earn money and start living a full life! Surprised? Excited? Continue reading to learn more.

Gist of AliExpress dropshipping

Dropshipping is a highly beneficial business model based on reselling products from online marketing platforms. For example, from AliExpress – an online marketplace where Chinese manufacturers offer their goods at incredibly low prices.

But how does this model work? Well, imagine yourself as a dropshipping store owner. You create a nice online store with AliExpress products but set your own higher prices. People order stuff from you. You order these items from the supplier. He delivers them directly to your client’s address. And that’s it – the difference between the price you set and the supplier’s price is yours. You never have to handle the product. As simple as an apple pie!

Benefits of dropshipping

  • Profit from EVERY purchase in your store

You copy a product from AliExpress to your own store and set your own prices/markups that make your profit.

  • Minimum initial investments and low risks

All in all, your store will cost you only $11.42 per month. Sounds like a REAL minimum investment, right? If you want even more hassle-free business start, order a custom ready store starting from only $299.

  • No hassle with warehouses, order packing, and employees

You can easily handle everything yourself – all you need is a strong desire and a couple of hours per day. Note that working this way you can earn the same amount of money as you would earn at a 9-5 job. But in less time! You can also combine dropshipping with other working activities.

  • Run this business from anywhere in the world

Just grab a laptop and connect it to the Internet. In the age of information technologies, that’s now so hard, really.

  • Your profit is practically not limited – earn as much money as you want.

FAQ about dropshipping

  • Why will people buy from my store if it’s cheaper on AliExpress?

First of all, the majority of them simply doesn’t know about AliExpress, but those who do still don’t trust strange-looking Chinese stores with messy descriptions. Your niche store, on the contrary, has a great design, quality pictures, and cool product details. So, your customers trust you more than those marketplaces because you look like a reliable specialized seller and they buy from you!

  • What if clients understand that the order came from AliExpress seller?

AliExpress sellers always ready to cooperate with dropshipping store owners, so they don’t put their promo materials into the parcels. In addition, we usually tell our clients that some of our warehouses are situated in China. And, as for our experience, when people finally get their order, they are so excited that they don’t really care about everything else.

  • Will the long delivery time affect my store?

People must be aware of shipping information: we put it on our websites in such a way that they could see it before buying. To reduce shipping time we advise to use e-packet which is a pretty fast delivery. We give people tracking numbers of their parcels after that to reduce their anxiety. Anyway, people usually patiently wait for their orders because these are impulse purchases and not something really essential.

  • What do I need to start my own dropshipping business?

All you need is your website that is properly equipped for dropshipping – a domain name, a hosting, a CMS (for example, WordPress that is forever free) and some dropshipping tool (like AliDropship plugin).

Start dropshipping business with AliExpress from anywhere in the world and don’t worry! It’s so easy that you won’t need any special knowledge or experience. Just be determined to make money online!

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