What to Sell in a Dropshipping Store? Guide for Beginners

“What to dropship” is a tricky question. Are you puzzled by what to sell in your dropshipping store? Do you know what “a niche store” means? Learn how to choose a good niche and what goods are the best for dropshipping.
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▪ ▪ What is a niche?▪ ▪
A niche is a segment of a market limited to a specific product type. Ideally, it is a focused, targetable part of a market for certain products that have unmet demand. And yes, niches do not exist, they are created. A typical niche product will be easily distinguished from other products, and it will also be produced and sold for specialized uses within its corresponding niche market.

▪ ▪ Why niche stores are better than general stores?▪ ▪
We don’t advise you to make a general store, it won’t be so easy and profitable for you to promote another AliExpress or Walmart. In our experience, stores with at least 50 products dedicated to a specific niche generate 100 times more profit than a single product store or a general one.

▪ ▪ What is a good niche choice?▪ ▪
The main idea is that your niche products should be unique, cool, not too expensive and desirable. Our ultimate goal is to make people do impulse shopping. Show them something they will adore. One of the main reasons why many people buy online is that they want to get awesome stuff but can’t find it anywhere else. This is the most important thing you need to know about being successful in dropshipping. You can’t offer them next-day delivery or a famous brand name. But you can offer them something unique and cool. Something they would want to buy the next moment after seeing it. That’s why it is so important to sell something at a price reasonable enough to pay it without second thoughts. Do you need an example? This will be a controversial idea to sell regular dull socks. But if someone makes a store filled with fancy printed socks and promotes them like a gift idea that will work. There are also a few more things you should consider while making a niche choice related to the main idea I’ve explained. Let’s check them one by one!

▪ ▪ Check-list. ▪ ▪
My niche products are not:
▪ Too large and heavy
▪ Very fragile
▪ Questionable or dangerous
▪ Under copyright law
▪ Technically complex
▪ Tight clothes or shoes

▪ ▪ Be passionate about it▪ ▪
It is commonly recommended to go for something that matches your personal interests. Even though it’s a nice decision that ensures your own long-lasting passion towards the newborn business, in order to build a profitable dropshipping webstore you should nevertheless pick products carefully and base your choice upon some reliable and measurable criteria. Some of them you’ve learned from this video!

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