What in the World is #dropshipping? Explanation for Dummies

What is dropshipping? Learn how to succeed in an e-commerce business without huge investments of money and time, warehouses and extra employees! Here are some useful resources:

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Dropshipping business model:
1. You set up your online store with AliExpress products and your own prices.
2. You promote your store.
3. You get your orders.
4. You ask a supplier to send products directly to the client.
5. You keep your profit!

We recommend you to use AliExpress online marketplace where Chinese sellers and manufacturers offer their goods at the lowest prices you can imagine. And they actually love dropshipping store owners, because we help them to sell more of their products! So, that’s a mutually profitable business relationship!

If you’ve always wanted to start your own online business, then dropshipping could be the best choice! That’s your own online store with your own style and design, with your unique product descriptions, and with your own price markup. It’s up to you to decide what niche to enter, which suppliers to choose, which products to add to your store, and what price to set. You run your business as you like choosing any promotional methods you fancy, and you are fully in control of it. And remember: with the right type of automated dropshipping solutions, you can get a high stable income with minimum manual work. An independent business where you are your own boss getting 90% profit per order (and not Amazon’s crummy 4%) – isn’t that the thing you’ve always dreamed of? We hope it’s now clear for you what is dropshipping!

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