Oberlo vs AliDropship: Which One Is For You?

Oberlo vs AliDropship: what to choose? You already know about two good options to start your dropshipping business: AliDropship and Shopify. Which is better for you? Let’s compare them!

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▶Dropshipping tool AliDropship: http://bit.ly/AliDropship_Plugin_info
▶Dropshipping platform Shopify: https://www.shopify.com/?ref=dropshipclub
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It’s totally understandable why people choose Shopify, it is a powerful platform made for e-commerce business with nice designs and easy customization. However, though AliDropship is less popular than Shopify, it has its advantages which you might love more. Well, let’s move on to the first thing to compare!

1) AliDropship is based on WordPress, while Oberlo uses Shopify platform. What does it mean?
WordPress Platform is free and AliDropship plugin costs only $89 and it’s a one-time payment. As for Shopify platform, it has different plans with its extra fees and restrictions. They cost $29, $79 and $299 per month +2-3% + 30¢ per transaction. Oberlo App cost starts at $0, for example, if you have less than 50 orders per month. But we are sure, that it’s not the number of sales you really deserve. So Basic Plan costs $29.90 and Pro Plan – $79.90.

2) Shopify relieves you from choosing your hosting provider because hosting and payments for it are already included in your plan. A domain is not included. You need to buy both the hosting and domain if you want to use AliDropship.

3) Control and Ownership issues
Your dropshipping website based on Shopify & Oberlo solution is kind of owned by Shopify! You are like renting it while paying monthly fees. There is always a risk that someday your online store could be shut down without any reason. When you use WordPress, it’s under your control because it’s a standalone website. Nobody will take it away from you.

This is examples of Shopify stores closed unexpectedly:

4) Similar functionality
Both solutions have tools for importing products from AliExpress, their Customization, Shipment Tracking, Filtering Products with ePacket. There is a little difference in functionality: The original version of AliDropship for may 2018 still doesn’t have wishlists and Oberlo doesn’t support uploading reviews from AliExpress. Oberlo has limits on the number of products you import to your store and number of orders per month depending on the plan you choose. When you use AliDropship Plugin on WordPress the number of products or orders is not limited.

5) Design and themes.
Shopify provides you with both paid and free themes. There are three built-in themes for AliDropship original Plugin. They are always free. You can also download AliDropship Woo plugin if you use WooCommerce on WordPress. There are plenty of themes for Woo, too: Storefront, Shopper, Flatsome are the most popular.

14) Add-ons
Shopify makes you pay around extra $10 monthly for almost each of such a solution, but they have a really big choice of them. AliDropship has 7 most essential add-ons as of May 2018, most of them also work with WooCommerce version. Some of them are free, others need one-time payment.

15) Learning Curve
You don’t need to know a lot about the technical part of online store when you use Shopify. It’s really easy to customize. If you are afraid of the technical part it’s worth paying. However, you won’t need much experience to set everything up on WordPress. Just carry out instructions from the knowledge base of AliDropship.

16) Turnkey solutions
You can always buy someone’s store on the market if you want to use Shopify App. Or you can get a custom store which AliDropship team will build for you.

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As you can see both systems are worth trying. They both have nice features and you can make a choice based on your needs. We strive to create a system which performs the most financially efficient way. I believe you can do the same if you really want to save your money. Hope that’s enough for you to make a choice between Oberlo and AliDropship!

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