Is Dropshipping PROFITABLE? Our experience

Dropshipping can bring you real money. The biggest of our stores generates over $20 000 of net profit each month. I hope this number got you motivated a bit. So, how much can one earn with dropshipping?

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You should understand that everything depends on many factors, but I dare to say that you can earn over $5000 per month with just one store. The average income for a beginner might be about $500 each month, but after you get enough experience you’ll start earning much more. Just follow our tips and believe in yourself.

The profit you can get depends on at least 4 main factors:

♦ The niche you’ve chosen.
There are many criteria to define if a product is good for dropshipping or not. Check one of our previous videos to learn more about it:

♦ The average transaction value.
It’s extremely important to make your customers’ orders more profitable for you!
To increase the average transaction value:
– make nice package offers
– give significant discounts for big orders
– show visitors your up-selling and cross-selling products
– use special recommendation systems and plugins

♦ The number of orders you get.

♦ The number of stores you have. The more stores you have, the more income you can generate.

Dropshipping is profitable if you pay attention to the important elements and learn from day to day. Think about up-sales and cross-sales in your dropshipping store, pay attention to remarketing, e-mail marketing and keep an eye on your customers in general. Try to create a store which clients will be happy to visit again and again!

Since you’ve managed to find this video and watched it to the end – I think you have a high potential to become an online entrepreneur. Don’t stop, do what you want to. Do dropshipping.

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