Is Dropshipping Dead? Our Experience

Is Dropshipping Dead? Our today’s goal is to understand the real situation in dropshipping business for 2018. We are going to refer to some data, statistics and our own experience.

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The whole online business and dropshipping business, in particular, are showing an incredible growth. But some people think different. Why? What fears do they really have?

1) COMPETITION. Do you really think that there is still any magical kind of business with no competition? The truth is that you can always find your own competitive niche and make a real profit from your dropshipping store by testing and using your own marketing strategies.
2) WHY DON’T PEOPLE BUY DIRECTLY ON ALIEXPRESS? Well, some of them simply don’t know about AliExpress or Amazon, others don’t trust these platforms or don’t have time to search for what they really want. Offer them their desired items and they will buy!
3) POOR QUALITY. 50 or even 80% of the items you have are made in China. The quality of products may differ from supplier to supplier, but you should carefully choose what to sell in your store. Check the feedback, pictures in the comments or even order some products for testing to make sure you offer good quality items in your dropshipping store.
4) SHIPPING TIME. Long delivery isn’t a problem for them if you have the right products in your store. They are ready to wait to get something special. You can always choose the ePacket shipping option on AliExpress for faster delivery to US or Canada.

People have been predicting the death of dropshipping since 2016. But we can see another tendency.

Here are examples of successful dropshippers from AliDropship forum.
This is Dave’s success story. He got his first sale after 3 weeks from setting up his dropshipping store:
That’s the store from the guy whose nickname is Chokomelks. He earned $600 revenue in the first two months:
And here’s the story from Yan. He is just a student from France studying medicine. He set up his own goals and made $1358.41 in 52 days:

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All the success stories on AliDropship forum are real, you can even text those dropshipping business owners and ask your questions. Do you want to start your own thread of your dropshipping journey? Do it! As you know now, dropshipping is not dead.