How to use AliDropship: Image Editor

How to use AliDropship built-in Image Editor? How to get rid of the AliExpress seller’s logos on product pictures without Photoshop? Let’s learn! Here are some useful resources:

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▶ Image Editor:

How much time do you waste on editing pictures for your dropshipping store? There’s no doubt that product images should look perfect and, on top of it, they shouldn’t contain any other sellers’ logos – otherwise, customers will think you’re a reseller. In this video, I will show you how to make it really fast with AliDropship plugin built-in feature.

These are products uploaded to our store from AliExpress automatically by the AliDropship Plugin. We are going to improve them right now by editing some of the pictures.

If you don’t know what’s AliDropship, check the link! As the WordPress is free and Plugin costs quite reasonable, we love using this combination for our dropshipping stores. One of the features we are excited about is a possibility to remove annoying AliExpress logos without leaving a product page. That saves us tons of time!

In Image Editor you can:
– Change image size and ratio,
– Improve or convert picture colors,
– Apply different effects,
– Copy, move or remove any parts,
– Draw or erase anything,
– Put your texts,
– Add and customize any stickers.

We hope this video will be really helpful to everyone who wants to optimize their drop shipping store.

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