How to Prepare Your Dropshipping Business for Chinese New Year

🐲📦Do you know that Chinese New Year is coming, and it will definitely have some impact on your dropshipping business? So, how to prepare your store and what to expect for the next few weeks? We’ll tell you in this video!

🐉So, today’s topic is the Chinese New Year’s impact on dropshipping business and how we can prepare for this holiday.🐉

📅This year the Chinese New Year falls on February 5. Most places in China will not fill orders and will stop manufacturing for two weeks. Don’t worry though, many manufacturers have enough inventory in stock so that they could continue selling until the actual week of Chinese New Year.

We know the exact dates affected for the AliExpress sellers covers all the days from Jan. 21 to Feb 10. Expect no dispatches during this period.

👐So, your delivery time will become a bit longer than usual. Is it really so bad? Should you worry? Well, not so much if your store is ready for that and you know how to deal with some angry emails.

👌To limit customer frustrations during this holiday, try to smooth your site a little bit before it:
1)Look through your Shipping and Delivery info page
2)Check your Refunds policy
3)Don’t send the tracking number to your customers during these days

Don’t hesitate to contact your main suppliers about their working schedule. Improve the info pages on your website and relax! Everything will be great!

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