How Much Money do I Need to Start Dropshipping?

We will show you our dropshipping business model with minimal investments and without monthly payments!
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So how much investment do you need to start dropshipping?

1) You’ll need to choose your website name and buy your domain for $10.
2) Hosting will cost you from $12, though I would recommend you a more trustable hosting for $48 which you will get for free with our special coupon.
3) Then you will have to choose your CMS which prices may vary, but we prefer WordPress. It’s absolutely free.
4) The most important thing in this list is a drop shipping tool. We recommend you to get the AliDropship plugin. It will make your dropshipping business much easier and professional. The cost of the plugin is only $89.
5) And yes, no investments in any goods.

So, you will need only $99 with our scheme and special coupon from us to save $48 for the first year of hosting!

If we take this scheme and calculate the expenses for the months of the year we will see that you’ll spend less than $15 dollars per month. Next years will be totally free except the hosting. You will recoup the investments a hundred times during the first months.

We can tell you about other variants. Shopify can give you two weeks for free, but then you will have to pay $29 each month even if you are still setting everything up. Moreover, you will pay 2% of your sales. We gave the detailed calculations in one of our videos on the channel:

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