Hot AliExpress Products: 4 Best Methods To Find Dropshipping Bestsellers

What’s hot to dropship this summer? We will give you some ideas in this video!

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I’ll show you the products from random niches and ways I found them, but you don’t have to add exactly these products to your store – use our methods to find your own trending items related to your niche and appealing to your target audience.

Try to find products, that are not just nice and cheap, but have something unique in them and appeal to certain interests. Use AliExpress and Amazon platforms for your research. Google Trends will help you to learn about the interest during the time and compare search volume by countries or regions for your future ad campaigns. The higher the Google Trend line is, the bigger your chances to get organic sales and sales through Google Shopping Campaigns. Also, you will have a higher chance for impulse purchases.

Let’s also check Amazon Best Sellers. Here you get ideas of what products are popular than find them on AliExpress to add them to your store. Here are inflatable lounges in the second place, but remember we told you that your product should encourage a person to make an impulse purchase, so they should look really cool.

Our second method of searching best-sellers is checking Pinterest and Buzzsumo for most popular and shareable stuff using our niche keywords. You get ideas of what is trendy now and then add these products from AliExpress to your store.

Of course, there are several websites with ready lists of winning products. We advise to check them too. Probably, you will find anything worthy enough to be in your dropshipping store!

Spying on your competitors could be a really useful method too. I’m sure that you already have a short list of them. If not, here is how you will be able to get it. Plus, you will see your competitors best-sellers!

Search for the niche stores based on Shopify on or using the Google search and check their best sellers or new arrivals. Why not? You should know what is going on in other stores in your niche to fill your own store with winning and trendy products.

Which of the methods do you like most of all? Share in the comments how you seek your best sellers, let’s help each other to grow and succeed in dropshipping business! What items do you believe to be the best dropshipping products?

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