Hassle-free orders in dropshipping: Follow Up Emails

😎Want to get more orders without extra effort or expenses? Try follow up emails for promotion of your dropshipping store!
In this video, we are talking about the functionality and advantages of such automated email sequences.

Useful links:
Register at MailChimp: http://eepurl.com/dGL-cL
Learn how to make follow-ups: http://bit.ly/Follow-ups_creation
Get your custom store: http://bit.ly/AliDropshipCustomStore

🤔What design and texts to choose for your follow ups? You are actually not restricted by any boundaries. Everything depends on your imagination, skills, chosen niche and your target audience.

It’s not too hard to compose them on online platforms so don’t be afraid of the technical part. Moreover, our team could help you with your first emails – check our services on dropship.club website.

☝If you want to start using email marketing in your store promotion, you need to make traffic ads, upgrade your online store with add-ons, collect all the emails, compile your email lists and email messages themselves on special platforms and lastly get your easy profit!

👋Here are 5 steps to get hassle-free orders at your dropshipping store:

1. You register at Mailchimp.com, create a list and its follow-up sequence. Use different templates, check the newsletters of other shops for inspiration.

2. You create an OptinMonster account, make pop-ups that will collect emails at your site. Integrate MailChimp into the pop-up subscription field to direct all the collected emails straight to the MailChimp list you choose. Upload OptinMonster add-on to your dashboard and activate it. Check if pop-ups are displayed correctly.

3. You run several ads targeted at your potential clients using facebook ads manager. You don’t need to spend too much on these. A boosted publication with a teaser to your blog post will generate some really cheap traffic.

4. Users visit your site, see your luring pop-ups and leave their emails. Once a user gets to your mailing list, MailChimp starts sending follow-ups one by one at some intervals, and the user will get emails from your store for three months or more.

5. You process orders and get your profit!

😉I hope, you’ve found this video useful. You’ve seen that making emails is not so hard, but if it feels like you don’t have enough skills or time, check out our services.

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