FAD or TREND: worst dropshipping products for your store

👈👉There are different types of trending products. Today we’ll discuss the difference between short-lived trends and the long-lasting ones so you could have only best products at your dropshipping store.
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👋Hi everyone! Welcome back to Dropship Club Channel!

Not all the product trends are important for a niche dropshipping store owner. All the more, it is quite possible to know nothing about trends but be an expert in your own niche and make enough money with it.

💥Still, understanding what kind of product is likely to become a bestseller can help you. This is why it’s so important to know the difference between a fad and a trend!

This is one of the important aspects of your product choice strategy. First of all, let’s find out what does a fad product mean!
These products start trending very quickly and they stop being popular very suddenly.

📉Fads last up to one-two years maximum. We all remember the fuss about spinners. Colored rubber bands took their 15 minutes of fame. Back in the days, Yo-yo toys and Tamagotchi (do you remember them?) were also perfect examples of fads.

It does not always make sense to sell this kind of products online because they are usually can be found in regular stores easily on their peak of popularity. But you can earn some money if you start selling them at the very beginning of the hype.

☝Normally it is believed that successful entrepreneurs must be able to distinguish fads from trends.
Why is it important? It’s important to be able to feel the right moment to switch to selling something else.

But it doesn’t mean that “trends” are better than “fads” in terms of moneymaking. If you start selling fads at the right time you can earn your money in a short-term period. Some people have earned a fortune on slime. So, Slime is a good example of a moneymaking fad product.

📈In fact, there is one more type of trendy items.
These trends start from nothing and grow into a stable market. Сonsumer demand continues to build over time and that’s why growing markets can last for long periods of time. This is a type of trend that will be really valuable to notice at the early stage.

I believe wireless devices and 3D printers, drones, accessories for video blogging are an example of such products. These product categories didn’t exist before but after they were invented, they started to grow in their importance gradually. In the situation when the demand is high and the offer is still limited you can make nice profits if you manage to be one of the first sellers.

🔥What examples of growing markets do you know? Let’s discuss it in the comments! Do you have any questions about dropshipping? Ask me below the video!

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