Dropshipping store preparation for Holiday Shopping: Checklist

🤔❓Is your dropshipping store fully ready for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales? Use our checklist for your dropshipping store promotion and increase the chances to hit the jackpot during the high season!
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🚀Today we will provide you with our checklist for your dropshipping store during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. So, what are the steps to accelerate your record sales?

1)Your dropshipping store should give an impression of a professional and trustable store with sweet prices and unique products. Try to use only the high-quality pictures throughout all the pages of your website. It would be a nice idea to add some banners with sales info, or even specially formed product categories with the significantly discounted products.
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2)Look across all your sales data, impressions in the social media and reorganize your product listings. Put more popular products from your dropshipping store in the Sales category. Don’t forget to analyze the performance of your store during the same period of the previous years.

3)Create combos of 3-4 complementary products that go well together and offer the whole package to customers at a discount on the total. These kinds of combo promotions work really nice on such big sales days when people are actively looking for a package deal for a much better price.
👋Upselling and cross-selling are great ways to take full advantage of selling more to a current customer who is already on your website. You can even add some gift cards of different value so they can be used as coupons by your customers’ friends or relatives. Check what’s popular or in trend according to your niche and add these products to your store.

4)Accelerate your checkouts with the Upsell Add-on for impulse buyers. Count-down timers work great on the product pages too. Retrieve all of your abandoned carts by offering their owners some extra discount coupons automatically via email.

5)Black November is almost here and online sales will continue to climb in 2018 compared to all the previous years. Just be ready for the high season in advance. Start planning your own advertising strategy. You can already compile a buzz-building campaign including a countdown to the event via emails, ads, social media posts.
😉Make those ads yourself, or order ready ones.

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