Dropshipping secrets: How to define your TARGET AUDIENCE?

🎯Want to run advertising campaigns? Do you know the best way to define a target audience for that? Watch this video to learn the methods! A proper choice of the target audience will help you not to waste a dime on ads.
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☝Ad targeting options on Facebook allow you to build audiences that are likely to be interested in what you sell. Whether your drop shipping niche is big or small, you’ll find targeting options that match your preferable goals.

📈First of all, you should analyze your current audience.
With the help of Google Analytics, you determine what types of traffic we’re attracting to your website. You can see the breakdowns of demographics, interests, geographic locations, behavior, devices, and so on. Plus, you learn about the conversion rate.

➔If you have active business pages on Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to distinguish your followers’ location, age, and gender, as well as the most active time of these platforms’ use.

➔Look through our customers’ lists in the dashboard, to find out which countries are better to target in the context of a conversion rate and an average net profit.

➔When you start creating your ad group, you should put the audience settings. The first part of them are locations, age, gender, and languages.

Let’s start with the reports from Google Analytics. Open this tool, then go to “Audience”, click “GEO’ and choose “Location”. Select the time period and view the column with conversions by clicking on the tab. Now, you can see the countries, which have been already converted into our store.

In your Google Analytics demographics report, you can see that a certain group of customers of a certain age has the most significant conversion rate.

And look at the devices that your customers use in most of the cases. This information will help us select our ad groups placements.

😎Segmenting audiences to target is the key to the successful running of a Facebook Ad campaign. Use all of your data and analytics to perform informative market research – it will help you to get really good results. And remember, that we are always happy to help you with your dropshipping business. And here’s the link to my article for the AliDropship blog with more detailed instructions on how to define your ideal audience for future campaigns:

👋That’s it! Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, so, I will be able to help you with the creation or promotion of your dropshipping business. Check the links in the description and don’t forget to subscribe for more! Bye!

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