Dropshipping is Scam: TRUE or FALSE?

Is Dropshipping a scam? You might see ads like “Start Dropshipping! Work From Home! Online business!”. Is it safe? Does it really work? Let’s find it out!

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♦ Dropshipping tool for WordPress AliDropship: http://bit.ly/AliDropship_Plugin_info

✐ What does dropshipping mean exactly? In short, it’s an e-commerce business. You create an online store and fill it with products from AliExpress or other marketplaces. And your profit is the difference between the original product price on Aliexpress and the final price on your website. This is perfect for those who want to work from home.

▣ Well, why do some people claim this is a scam? Check out these reviews: most of them belong to people who tried this online business and didn’t succeed. Let’s think – if someone failed to run a specific kind of business, does it really mean this kind of business is a scam? This seems to be a bold statement.

As for the ads you might see on Facebook or any other sites, many people and companies promote dropshipping. They all have their own concerns.

You can see ads of different solutions for automating dropshipping sites such as WooDropship, Oberlo, Dropified, AliDropship.
▷You can find a review on AliDropship and “Oberlo and AliDropship Comparison” on our channel:

▷Sometimes studios, companies, and individuals who create ready-made dropship stores for clients advertise dropshipping as well:

▷ If you are short of money, check our video on how to start dropshipping with less than 100$ in a pocket.

Just so you know, dropshipping is a business model that is totally legit! Ask me a question if I left something uncovered. It will be a pleasure for me to answer!

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