Christmas ADS IDEAS for dropshippers – Let it sale!

Do you feel Christmas in the air? Do you want to be among happy dropshipping store owners with the pockets full of money? So, learn some secrets of making good ads for this holiday season!

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Today’s topic is good Christmas-related advertisement ideas for your dropshipping store. I’ll show you some of our ads which performed really well last year and give some guides for the ads’ creation.

Well, your ads should bring the feeling of Christmas spirit and coziness. People should imagine how they give such presents to their friends and relatives, and how it makes everyone really happy! Use nice texts and descriptions with call-to-actions.

Your ad images could be designed as a flat lay photo, video, series of pictures, or any other formats. As a marketer and business owner, you can find it difficult to come up with great ads with eye-catching images and texts. That’s why we like to draw inspiration from other successful businesses. Just inspire yourself with our designs, or look at the other examples over the Internet.

Talking about the emails, check some of the templates on the MailChimp.сom website or get the inspiration by using your own subscriptions. You definitely have some Christmas emails from any of your favorite stores.

Actually, my tips for your emails are almost the same as for the usual ads. You have more space for texts though. Your emails can be simple or animated, contain some special offers or coupons and of course don’t be too serious with your texts and pics! You can even put some interesting teasing story leading to your Best Gift Ideas blog post. Just be creative and turn on your imagination.

☝As always, we are ready to compile your ads or emails for you – check the services page on our website.

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