Burning dropshipping FAQ: Ads, sales, store appearance | Part 1

🔥We receive TONS of questions about dropshipping business from you, guys. So we decided to make a video answering the most burning ones of them.

🤔How to make your dropshipping store look trustworthy? What to do if you don’t get sales? Learn the answers to these and other questions further.
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👋Hi! That’s Anna and I’m glad to welcome you to our Dropship Club channel. Today we’ll answer several questions that you keep asking us again and again in the comments, via email, on Facebook, and in the Ask A Pro section.

Well, let’s start!

Well, there are many reasons why people might not want to buy from a dropshipping store. First of all, you need to make sure that your store looks appealing to the site visitors and it’s convenient to navigate through.

Ask your friends and relatives (or professionals, what’s better) to take a walk through your store and tell you about their experience.
👉Is everything conveniently arranged?
👉Did they like the design?
👉The prices?
👉The product pages?
It’s important to know how common users perceive your site. One of our previous videos was about such a store review, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25YNB…

After you revealed some flaws and corrected them, it’s time to enhance your dropshipping site. I mean, add more unique products, try some add-ons and make it more trustworthy.


People have no idea about your store existence before they get here, and they do have the reason not to fully trust you. You need to persuade them!

✨The main thing here is a DESIGN which creates the first impression. No squeezed fuzzy pics or garish colors! Nice and neat store appearance speaks for itself.

📋Then pay attention to your PRODUCT REVIEWS – are they well-translated? Don’t they contain negative feedback?

🙈Another important thing – AliExpress SELLERS’ LABELS. Please, remove them all, they repel customers and, frankly speaking, look bad.

💻After that, work on your PRODUCT PAGES. Compose nice descriptions for them without any grammar or spelling mistakes. Tell customers how they’re going to benefit from this product. Make sure all product pictures are of high quality.

👀On top of that, if we’re talking about social networks accounts, keep an eye on your store’s rating and feedback. People feel more confident if they buy from a store others like.


Well, if your ads didn’t bring you any sales, don’t give up! If your store looks and performs its best, you just need to analyze and optimize your campaigns!

The gist of optimization is to improve a running ad by turning off all targeting segments that don’t work. And adding the new ones that might make it more effective.

The most common mistakes when creating ads are:
❌Insufficient concept of a target audience
❌Wrong placement
❌Wrong targeting settings
❌Too broad/too narrow audience
❌Not relevant products/creatives
❌Bad design of advertising creatives
❌Wrong timing, etc

🕐So, how to avoid all that, really? First of all, do research – make sure you know who’s your target audience, what social networks they prefer and at what time they like being present there. Use Google Trends, Facebook Audience Insights, and your life experience.
Then check the results of your ads. Put the tick next to the ad and click an arrow button – check out Performance, Demographics and Placement tabs.

📊Take a look at the Breakdown. There are many parameters, but the ones of our interest are Age and Gender, Country and Impression Device. With their help, you’ll see who has interacted with your ad in the best/worst way, and what devices were used. It will let you turn off or strengthen the necessary segments. Or create another ad for this or that segment.

Well, that’s all for today’s questions We hope that this video was helpful! We’re gonna make more videos on FAQ about dropshipping. Stay tuned not to miss them! Don’t forget to join our club and subscribe to our channel.
See you!

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