BUILD or BUY a dropshipping store? Pick the best option for you!

🤔Is it a good idea to buy a dropshipping store? Or is it better to start dropshipping with your own store made from scratch? Let’s see.

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🚀When you want to start dropshipping, there are three options:
1)You can create your store on your own from scratch
2)You can hire someone to make it for you
3)You can buy an existing one

🔥Last option seems to be the most attractive for beginners. Let’s start with it.
✎The advantage here is that you can get a dropshipping store that already brings money, and you don’t need to set everything up yourself. What a sweet dream!

However, there is a high probability that this kind of store will cost a lot. Where can you buy such a store? At, Shopify Exchange, AliDropship forum and Facebook dropshipping Groups.

👉People put their dropshipping websites for sale because of many reasons. Some people like getting an immediate profit by selling a store more than getting a stable but relatively small profit from dropshipping activity. Some of the really successful entrepreneurs know well how to create a profitable store and can just sell one of their sites if they want to try a new niche in order to save some time for a new venture.

🙅💰If you don’t have a lot of spare money, I recommend to build a store from scratch. This way you choose a niche, a design, and a platform for your store.
For example, using WordPress+AliDropship Plugin it’s possible to start dropshipping with less than 100$ in the pocket. Check our video telling how to do it:

💪If you’d like to have a dropshipping store created by professionals, check out AliDropship company. The price of a custom ready-made store developed by AliDropship team starts from $299 dollars. You get a perfect store, the niche is chosen by you and is based on your own interests! You get a fully customized store with design elements created especially for you, nice social accounts. And the best thing is that the store you get is completely yours!

☝As you can see, both buying a functioning store and developing a brand new site yourself have their specific benefits. But our advice is that it’s better to create a new site unless you have enough money to buy a really good operating store. I hope you will spend your money in the most efficient way!

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