AliExpress Dropshipping Pitfalls: Check Yourself

Drop shipping mistakes and pitfalls are better to know before starting. Is dropshipping easy? We think it is, but still, there are some issues that can pop up. Today I will tell you about 5 main dropshipping business pitfalls you should be ready for.

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As with all retail businesses, dropshipping requires time for your store editing, its promotion, customer service and so on. And there can be some problems you could face. But don’t worry – with our tips you’ll be ready!

• A mess in assortment and chaos in categories ruin everything
Your visitors shouldn’t be confused about irrelevant products, not clear niche or just a very small choice in your store. So, try to add more than 30 catchy products with wise pricing at the very beginning.
• It’s not you who defines a bestseller
Just because you like the item, there is no guarantee that your audience will buy it. My advice in this case: Test ads on all of your products – that’s the only way to define your best sellers.
• Visitors examine your products very thoroughly
When your potential customers find themselves on product pages, they scrutinize pictures, description and of course reviews.
• Your branding might not meet target audience expectations
Your design, logo, store structure and assortment should be made with a deep understanding of your niche and target audience
• Dropshipping business requires your time and money
You’ve probably heard about some automatic solutions for dropshipping business.
I just want to mention, that many of them can definitely help you to achieve good results in no time and forget about most of the routine. But you still have to make some effort to attract customers and spend money on your store promotion, testing your products, making orders.

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Finally, my last piece of advice for today: Don’t give up on your dream and keep pushing forward! Better be sure than sorry. Just avoid these AliExpress drop shipping mistakes!

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