7 Dropshipping Tips To AVOID Refunds & Deal With Customers’ Complaints

💪👀Do you want to handle customer service like a BOSS and increase the revenue of your dropshipping store? Watch our tips to learn how to turn your angry customers into friends, get more satisfied clients, and enjoy fewer refunds – or even avoid most of them!
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😡Today we’ll talk about the art of dealing with some angry customers and saving your money! Today’s question comes from one of our channel subscribers. Thanks for your comments!

😇Well, never forget that your whole business depends on the customers, that’s why you shouldn’t ignore any of them. You should actually focus your attention on the buyers because when you shift their opinion about your store in the right way and make them satisfied, you get a bigger percentage of the loyal and happy clients among them!

👑The client has the final say, right or wrong. So the customer is the king! Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and you will understand how they feel.

So, some customers might ask for the refunds, and I’m sure that you don’t really like this situation! Or, your clients might even get slightly unsatisfied with any of your services. How should you handle these situations or even prevent them?
Here are the tips:
#1. Apologize for literally everything and be extremely polite
#2. Answer in time
#3. Make your letters as informative as possible & Use templates
#4. Ask for photo proofs
#5. Give discounts or reship!
#6. Feel free to contact AliExpress suppliers
#7. Don’t blame yourself

☕If you like mnemonics to make sure you’ve covered some of the mentioned before, I’ve got one for you! Starbucks trains their baristas to LATTE, which is a very good method of changing the mind of a frustrated customer.

👉Each of the letters stands for a certain principle which you should follow.
“L” stands for “Listen”
“A” stands for “Acknowledge the problem”
“T” stands for “Take action”
Another “T” and “E” are for “Thank them, and
Explain what you’ve done”

❓Do you have a story of some weird customer complaints and queries? Feel free to share it in the comments’ section below if you like!
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