7 Black Friday tips: Dropshipping store promotion during high season

💰 Do you want to earn some extra hundreds of dollars with dropshipping during Black Friday? Then get ready for your Black Friday sales!

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☝In this video, I’ll share some ideas about the appearance and settings of your future Black Friday ad campaigns for your dropshipping store.

💥So, this year’s date of Black Friday is the 23rd of November, until this time, you need to prepare your store and make some drafts of your campaigns. Watch my previous video about preparing your store for the Black Friday sales to be ready to the last gaiter button.

🤔So, how to get your piece of the pie in these highly competitive holidays?

1. Your ad designs should consist of your best selling products with a significant discount on them. Don’t be afraid of creating some crazy and contrasting layouts!

2. Give your clients an additional discount coupon through your texts or Facebook Offers. You don’t need to cut your prices too much, sometimes you can even increase the initial price to make the discount look more significant.

3. Make several newsletters with your products and coupons for your subscribers and send them at least twice before the Friday.

4. In advance, create custom audiences of those who have already been to your website for the last 6 months, and target them!

5. You can also use lookalike audiences of those who have purchased anything from your store! But don’t put a too big budget on that audience.

6. Create remarketing campaigns on Facebook or Google ads with cool designs and texts.

7. Don’t be afraid to increase your budgets during these holidays. People are ready to waste their money on gifts for their nearest and dearest and for themselves of course!

💪If you want to be fully ready for this high season you can order some powerful ad campaigns from our Dropship Club experts. Our team will create cool designs, texts and audiences to skyrocket your sales and an overall store performance.

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