5 Steps to Pick the Best Products to Dropship on AliExpress

Best products to dropship are easy to find if you know how. We are going to give you our essential tips on how to find your ideal dropshipping products and suppliers in five easy steps!

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Short Guide:
Step 1. Set up shipping information, currency and enter a focus keyword
Step 2. Narrow your choice of products during your search on AliExpress
Step 3. Use the left bar to select the desired category or product attributes
Step 4. Sort out products by offered characteristics
Step 5. Check the product features using our checklist

When you finally decide on the products that you want to add to your store, you need to carefully look through their features for final evaluation using our checklist. Click on every product you like and take a look at the details provided. As long as you sell online, your clients will scrutinize your product pictures, so they must be clear and of high-quality. The reviews from AliExpress buyers are a great source of information about the product quality and the seller’s behavior. Some plugins like AliDropship let you import reviews automatically. Make sure that the product looks exactly like pics from customers if there is any feedback with photos.

Checklist of the features:
– Nice looking product pictures
– Product and seller rating
– Number of orders
– Detailed description
– Customer reviews

Check if there are cheaper products from other sellers. Yes, there are. But they don’t have enough number of orders. We want to add this cute top to our store. So, it has good pictures, high rating, detailed description with cool video and a big amount of reviews from happy customers. No doubt, we want it in our store! You can import and edit chosen products automatically using different solutions for dropshipping business.

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