What is AliDropship? Check This Oberlo Substitute If You Do Dropshipping

What is AliDropship? It’s a way to import AliExpress products automatically to your dropshipping store without overpaying for the software. If you know why do you need special software go to 1:57 to learn about AliDropship features. If you are new to dropshipping, watch from the beginning.

Here are some useful resources:
▶ AliDropship Plugin we have discussed in the video: http://bit.ly/AliDropship_Plugin_info
▶ Do you want a 20% discount on Plugin?
Use code Club20 during the Checkout process

If you already know about dropshipping you can imagine how much time it takes to add AliExpress products to your own online store without using any special software. Check one of our previous videos about dropshipping if you don’t know what it is:

You can save your money and use your own hands to add AliExpress product, pictures, variations, texts, reviews, and process all your customers’ orders but, you know, you can’t fire guns with sticks. You will spend all your time on that instead of making a real profit!

When you add your product manually, it will take an hour or even more. And this is only for one product. In our experience, a profitable store should have at least 50 products which can be added in a few minutes with the help of a plugin.

Fortunately, some people value our time and develop great software like AliDropship which we use in all of our e-commerce stores on WordPress Platform. You’ve probably heard about Oberlo with Shopify, but those solutions cost much more, especially if you want to have a good amount of sales. You could see our calculations in one of our videos on the channel.
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With AliDropship plugin you will save your time and about $600 comparing to other dropshipping software. AliDropship Plugin costs only $89 on April 2018. And it’s a one-time payment. Check AliDropship blog and knowledge base to find out everything about their software and successful dropshipping business. Should we make more videos about what is AliDropship?

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