7 Things You CAN’T Advertise On Facebook. Dropshipping Store Promotion Tips

Not sure if you can advertise your product on Facebook? Don’t know Facebook’s Ad Policies? I’ll explain everything to you in easily understandable terms!
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Hello! My name is Anna. I’m one of the experts at Dropship Club. And along with my team members, I can help you manage your dropshipping store promotion.

When talking about any e-commerce business, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to get relevant traffic from potential customers.

It takes time to build a steady stream of quality traffic to your store without any paid promotion. Filling your shop with compelling products isn’t enough to drive traffic alone.

That’s why you need to have a marketing strategy and start running ads!

Many dropshipping business owners select Facebook as one of their main marketing channels because of its broad audience, robust targeting settings, and variety of ad objectives.

But not everyone can benefit from Facebook advertising. There is a list of products which you can’t advertise on Facebook, and it’s crucial that you’re aware of them before you build your store.

We’ll be talking about products you still can dropship, but you’ll be restricted from promoting them via Facebook. To learn more about how to choose products for dropshipping check these links:


1. Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products
This includes cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and other related tobacco paraphernalia. And vape stuff!

2. Unregulated Supplements & Drugs Products
You probably know that the supplements industry is booming right now, but, as with most health-related products, there are many rules and regulations which affect them, especially if you’re looking to sell them.

3. Personal Health Products: Before and After
Facebook pointed out that adverts must not contain “before-and-after images, or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results.” Essentially, your ads must not assert or imply anything that could lead to a Facebook user having negative feelings about their body image.

4. Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives
Any Facebook ads which contain weapons, ammunition, or explosives will be disapproved during the ad review process.

5. Adult Products
You really can build such a store and earn millions of dollars. We even have a success story from one of our customers: https://alidropship.com/eu-dropshippers-success-story/

But bear in mind that you will have to find other avenues for your store promotion.

6. Third-Party Infringements
They can get you into a lot of legal trouble. Banned accounts are the least of your problems.

7. Surveillance Equipment
Surveillance equipment is strictly prohibited from being promoted on Facebook’s advertising platform. This includes spy cams, mobile phone trackers, or other hidden surveillance equipment.

And that’s it – that’s the list of dropshipping products which you can’t advertise on Facebook.

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