7 Best Products To Dropship In Spring 2019 & How To Find Them

Are you stuck on what are the best products to dropship this spring? Don’t have any idea on how to find some products to dropship? We know first-hand how difficult that can be. And we’re here to help you!

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Hello! My name is Helen. Welcome to the Dropship Club channel. Today I’ll give you some valuable tips on how to search for best dropshipping products. Let me start by sharing our methods!

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One of the best methods is by checking the big e-commerce platforms. You should look at AliExpress and also check Amazon best sellers, Wish.com and Oberlo verified.

☝Platforms such as Pinterest, Buzzsumo and Trend Hunter will give you some ideas of what is trendy in specific niches right now.

☝Ready lists of winning products can be found on Product Mafia, Dropship-spy websites, and various dropshipping blogs and YouTube channels.

☝Spying on your niche competitors could give you some good ideas!

☝You might also want to check Google Trends or Think with Google platform.

☝And it’s not a bad idea to review your niche’s popular magazines, websites, and influencers of course!

So, what have we found for you today? Let’s take a look at these Top 7 items for Spring 2019:

1. Cute USB Air Humidifiers
They have a good impact on your health, provide seasonal comfort, and result in happier plants. They can also help to save your electronics from static electricity and your favorite plants from overly dry air!

2. Transparent Bags
Transparent accessories were a huge trend in 2018, and see-through PVC totes, cross body and bucket bags are still going strong. If you’re willing to get candid with the contents of your purse.

3. Straw Bags
If someone doesn’t want to reveal what they carry with them, they can choose another popular bag type. Hand-embroidered and full of personality, Poolside Bags straw totes are the perfect beach-ready accessory: they’ll carry all the women’s essentials – and do it with iconic style.

4. Glowing Sneakers
Glowing sneakers are in fashion right now and are going to be even more popular especially in the USA. Target your ads, for example, to the party lovers. These shoes are perfect for every moment of life: from toned-down casual days to the wildest all-night-long parties.

5. Spring Dresses
Spring is a season for women’s dresses. It is time for long dresses, light, and bright dresses. They really can be worn all through the year, but every spring their sales rise.

Linen, cotton, chiffon, silk – these fabrics are favorites. If you still feel uneasy about selling clothes via the internet and anxious about returns, start with little girls’ dresses.

Don’t forget to add some boho dresses and striped ones as they’re still popular among all the trend lovers.

6. Grill and Barbeque Equipment
The number of potential customers for grill and barbecue equipment is even greater than for camping equipment. AliExpress provides such a wide variety of grill and barbeque accessories that you can find something even for an experienced grill master.

Meat thermometers, long-handled spatulas, silicone brushes, grill baskets, barbecue mats, mini smokehouses, rain covers, aprons, and gloves — the more comfortable and well-equipped the person standing over the hot coals is, the better.

7. Pets Comfort
In general, accessories or toys for pets should be in demand for the whole year. However, spring is the season most pet owners start to spend more time outside and travel, and they like taking their pets with them.

That’s it for today! Are you willing to share your own findings or methods? Which products from this video do you like best? Leave a comment and let me know if you want more product ideas from our team.

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