💥Your Product Disappeared From AliExpress? DON’T PANIC!

What do you do when your customer has placed an order, but your seller doesn’t have this product anymore? What if your bestseller has vanished from AliExpress? We’ll give you some tips on how to find a similar product on the AliExpress platform and resolve these issues.
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Hello! I’m Anna from the Dropship Club team. If you have faced the problem of a product that has disappeared from AliExpress, you might remember how that felt. You may have panicked and didn’t know what to do especially if it was one of your winning items.

What if your customer has already paid you for it? Should you give their money back or find a replacement? See our tips below!

☝Step #1 Contact Your Supplier

Go to your product page, turn on the edit mode and scroll down to the product options section. Here is your AliExpress store URL. Go to this store and send the message using the “Contact Now” button.

Attach the picture of the product you want to know about and ask the seller if the product is really gone. Maybe the seller can make a custom product for you.

☝Step #2 Search For A Similar Product

If one of the product variations is no longer available from your seller you can try to get it from another supplier. Just use the free AliDropship plugin feature.

Hit View on AliExpress and then click Search Loupe. AliDropship will provide you with a list of similar products. Maybe you’ll even find a cheaper item. If there aren’t enough similar products, try to search by keywords.

☝Step #3 Search By An Image

Google Images can really do magic – just click on the product image from your store with the right button and use Search Google For Image function. Upload your product picture as a search inquiry and look through the results.

If you don’t see AliExpress links on the first two pages go to Visually Similar Images and look through the results.

☝Step #4 Order From eBay Or Amazon

You can use the previous method and go to any of these platforms from the Google Search results or search by keywords. If the price and product are suitable for you – order from there. If not – check our last step!

☝Step #5 Make A Customized Order

Of course, you shouldn’t panic. Use the ace up your sleeve – make a customized order from AliExpress. Especially if your AliExpress best seller is a printed mug, a t-shirt, a poster, a backpack or other available for print products, find a seller that offers customized items.

You’ll have to provide this seller with a high-quality JPEG or PNG image. Don’t forget to attach a photo of the product for reference – otherwise, there’s a chance the product you’ve ordered will be an unpleasant surprise for you and your customer as well.

☝Nothing Worked!

Don’t give up just yet and rush to give the money back. Text your customer a message explaining that the ordered product is no longer available, but there is a chance to order any other products at 10% off.

You can also provide your customer with an extra discount coupon for future orders. Apologize for the situation! Your customers’ loyalty may increase, and they might change their order. Or they might ask to get their money back. But either way, you did your best to resolve the situation.

I hope that our tips will be useful for you. Subscribe and like this video! I would be glad to see your own tips or questions in the comments below! Bye!

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