‘Never Knew Ecom Is That F***ing Easy’: $28,000+ In Sales In Just 30 Days!

Yes, that’s what drop shipping is all about.

The quote in the title belongs to one of our loyal customers. If you read AliDropship forum, you certainly know him – he writes a lot under the user name Kingpin.

ecommerce success story


Kingpin is always happy to share his thoughts in our community: he comments AliDropship plugin updates, asks questions about its work, and even makes suggestions about features he’d like to see in the future. And he doesn’t make a secret out of success story: he openly tells AliDropship forum readers everything they’d like to know about his drop shipping business. That’s why we decided to ask him for an interview!

Hi Kingpin, thank you so much for your contribution! Tell us a bit about your business.

Hey! Well in the summer of 2017 I have 7 drop shipping stores. They are related to different niches, and I use different business models.

Some of my stores are B2C, which means that my target audience is ordinary people. And some of my stores are B2B which means that my clients are small businesses.

I’m making about 500+ sales per day now.

Here is the screenshot of my best dropshipping store taken on July 4, 2017. Hope this will motivate you 🙂

ecommerce success story

Right, that’s really impressive. Did you have any experience when you started your drop shipping business?

NO! I’m into internet marketing since a long time but never tried dropshipping business before. My dropshipping journey started just after the AliDropship plugin came and changed the game.

People often say they are scared to launch a drop shipping store because it’s difficult and unfamiliar. What’s your story?

You know, when I opened my first store it only took me 2 hours to set it up and to import 100+ products. Yes, I spend almost 15 days later to edit the descriptions and other info to make product pages look good, but setup itself was really quick.

The same was true for my second store – when I was setting it up, I only spent about 2 hours on it.

Please tell us about one of your stores in more details.

Okay I’ll tell about one of the newest stores.

In the middle of February 2017 I opened a new general store with some cool items. It is not a niche store, I am selling higher class products not cheaper than 10 dollars. Basically I am combining several items into a single offer and selling them in small bulk.

I am targeting USA and Australia, and my target customers are retail shopkeepers – people who run their own real brick-and-mortar stores. So as you can see this is a B2B business.

I offer free shipping for purchases on more than $100. I use the WooCommerce version of AliDropship plugin, and in WooCommerce you have an option to apply a coupon code above any price range, like I do. If the cart total is $100 or above, then shipping is free.

To promote my store, I use Facebook ads – I started with a budget of $5 per day. Now I get 80% to 85% of traffic from Facebook. I do all types of ads but mostly concentrate on video ads. I promote some funny videos or compilations of many video clips which appeal to my niche or the product category. In the end of this video I put a slide with the information about my store, and put the link in the description too.

In just 30 first days the results were awesome. I hit $28,000 in sales in the first month. After calculating everything and paying out sourcing charges and all, I got $14.5k in profits.

So how does the whole process look? What do you do when you start a new drop shipping business?

So there are 3 basic steps.

1. I always start with the niche research. It is easy: go to Amazon best sellers and see which products are the most popular, and which niches/categories are doing well.

Then, go to AliExpress and see how many products are available in this niche. Check if they have ePacket shipping method. Start with a niche with at least 20 great products.

Try to choose items related to hobby niches like camping, swimming, fishing, etc., or choose niches related to pets – people generally have a high demand on such items. Remember that products should be more or less unique.

Stay away from trademark copyrighted products!

2. Store setup. I use AliDropship WooCommerce plugin as it allows me to choose a theme according to my niche. Always use only those plugins which are required for good reason like site speed and performance.

For a product setup, I create a landing page and put some pre-sale info with an email form and redirect to checkout or actual product page. On checkout page, I show upsell and offer discounts for sharing on social media.

3. Promotion. I use Facebook ads and these days I promote viral content or articles related to my niche. And I try to make my ad post go viral.

On my article page I put images and links to my product and email opting form to grab their email. I put FB retargeting pixels on my site and then I set another ad and show an awesome ad to those people from Facebook who visited that article page and this time I send them to my product page directly and they buy most of the time.

For example, one of my products is related to the dog niche. To promote it, I went on the Buzzsumo website to find the most shared post on Facebook related to dogs. And I found a viral post which was shared 2.4 million times on Facebook.

And then I created an overtake copy of the link of the original share using my own web tool.

I posted MY LINK on my Facebook Dog Page and created a FB ad with budget of 5$. I was targeting people living in New York who like pitbulls and that’s all I did! I got 22 sales and counting.

I also do email marketing. I send emails to customers if they didn’t make a purchase and abandoned the shopping cart. I target these people with new ads with heavy discounted deals. As a strategy of repeat business, I send my customers related product suggestions using emails.

What can you say about the technical side of drop shipping business?

I’m using WordPress for the last 9 years.

Apart from my 7 stores that are running and bring me profit, I have a beta test store which I use for staging and checking new features of AliDropship plugin and WooCommerce plugin.

I can recommend all my fellow drop shippers to create a staging site where you first update plugins and experiment. If you are satisfied, then update the plugin on the actual site. Whenever you see an update for a core plugin, always wait some days before updating.

Speaking of recommendations, do you have any pieces of advice for our readers?

If you truly want to do some fortune on drop shipping business, just do everything whitehat. I mean, be ethical and do stuff legally. Focus more on the strategy of marketing your products.

If you’re starting up with e-commerce biz, just go with PayPal and make some money and then with that apply for a US based LLC and use Stripe or any other method.


We are really thankful to Kingpin for his kind feedback.

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