Step 8. Prepare and launch campaigns on Instagram via Instagram App

Instagram Mobile App allows us to create ads easier and faster than in Facebook Ads Manager but it might lack some functionality. Let’s examine the process of ad creation in the Instagram app.

Step 1. Switch to Business Account

Any account on Instagram first is considered as a personal one by default, and now you need to switch it to Business Account. To do that, you’ll need your store Business page on Facebook.

Open Instagram App, go to settings and choose the ‘Switch to Professional Account’ option on the menu. You also should connect your profile to your store’s Facebook Business Page. Check the instructions in Step 5.2.


Step 2. Choose a post from your profile to promote

Instagram App allows promoting only published posts. It means that if you want to make an ad, you need to make an advertising post, publish it and select the ‘Promote’ option under it. Or simply choose a post from existing ones.

Step 3. Choose an Objective of promotion

In this step, you ‘tell’ Instagram what result you’d like to get from this ad.

There are 11 ad objectives in Facebook Ads Manager while Instagram App offers only 4:

  • Reach New People
  • Your Profile
  • Your Website
  • Your Direct Messages

Let’s choose ‘Your Website’ objective.

Step 4. Decide on an action button & Choose destination

If you’ve chosen ‘Your Website’ objective in the previous step, Instagram offers you several texts for the promotion button. Select ‘Show Now’. Paste the link where you want to redirect people to after they click on an ad.

Step 5. Define the audience

By default, Instagram chooses an audience without your assistance – we don’t need that! If you leave it as it is, you’ll never get the desired great results.

Then decide on the following options:

  • Audience Name: make up the name of this audience
  • Locations: decide on what cities/countries you want to show your ad
  • Interests: search for the interests of your audience. Facebook and Instagram define ‘Interests’ by analyzing users’ behavior in social networks and beyond.
  • Age & Gender: select any age you think fit from 13 to 65+ and choose the gender (male/female/all)

Step 6. Define budget and duration of your Instagram advertising campaign

  • Budget: a sum you’re ready to spend on this ad
  • Duration: how many days your ad will run

Choose a $5 budget and 6 days of duration, for example.

Step 7. Launch your ad

Preview your promotion then press ‘Create promotion’ and launch your ad.

Congrats! Now you know how to launch targeted ads via Instagram App.

What to choose to create ads on Instagram: Facebook or Instagram App?

The difference between Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram App ads settings is huge! Facebook Ads Manager gives you more opportunities and functions that are not available in the app.

Here are some disadvantages of launching ads from your phone app:

  1. Only 4 ad objectives available
  2. No detailed audience choice settings
  3. No custom/lookalike audiences
  4. No placing ads in Stories or any other placements
  5. No choice of mobile operating system (IOS or Android)
  6. No audience exceptions
  7. No ad scheduling (you are not allowed to choose hours/days of ad running)
  8. No detailed ad objective settings
  9. No cost per click control
  10. No choice of charge option-click or impression
  11. A limited number of ad formats

In other words, Facebook Ads Manager is much better if you want to get the maximum results from your ads. There’s a little left to do: go to Facebook and start running them! Check the instructions in the next step.

As it is the first time you set up your ad, it will take 20-30 minutes – but imagine what great results you will get after!

Are you ready to get many new clients for your dropshipping store? Don’t hesitate and do it right now!

P.S. Make sure that your Instagram account is ready for promotion. We can help with creating engaging posts for your Social Media accounts. In case you’re eager to promote your store the most effective way possible, rely on professionals and order ready ads for your store.

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