Step 9. Define product categories and create the store menu

In online stores goods are divided into categories forming a structure of the catalog. Categories greatly simplify the search for a necessary product and improve navigation through your store leading to higher conversions.

How to define categories

So, you should decide what criteria will determine why the goods belong to one category or another. You can categorize all products depending on:

  • target audience groups (e.g., for children and adults, for men and women)
  • way of using the goods, seasons (for clothing), etc.
  • brands
  • set of functions, and other significant characteristics.

If the goods are well known to everyone, their categorization is intuitive. For example, if you sell clothing, then customers will definitely guess what goods they can find in such categories as “dresses”, “shirts”, “jeans”, etc. without any detailed descriptions. But if your store presents more specific products, try to formulate names of categories as clearly as possible.

How to create categories and the menu

All the themes are unique and creating categories might be slightly different from each other. To check the steps you can open customization guides below and check the steps for creating menus and pages for your particular theme.

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