Step 8. Create and upload store design elements

At first glance, the store design is perceived as a single whole. But this general impression is formed by several design elements. Different seemingly insignificant elements play an important role in business efficiency since they form your brand identity.

What webstore design elements are important for your business image? Traditionally, these elements are:

  • Custom logo is the symbol of your brand. Together with your store name, it helps customers understand the essence of your business. 
  • Header images/icons (can include logo, search bar, shopping cart, contact details) must be functional and easy to understand. Your customers won’t need to rack their brains trying to understand what this or that icon means.
  • Favicon (a shortcut tab icon) is a tiny version of your store logo, as a rule.
  • Banners are an essential part of your online store. They help you make your customers focus their attention on definite products, categories or store sections you choose.

If you don’t know Photoshop basics and don’t want to hire a designer, read this article to learn how to create store design elements in minutes.

All these design elements are uploaded in the Customization section:

  • Upload favicon in Customization > General 
  • Upload logo in Customization > Header
  • Upload sliders in Customization > Home 
  • Upload icons of security and payments in Customization > Checkout 
  • Upload sliders for Thank you page/About Us pages in Customization > Thank you/About Us

The design elements can differ from one theme to another. We recommend checking the guide in our Knowledge Base for your particular theme to get more information:

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