Step 19. Subscription Form Setup

As you might have already noticed, all Alidropship themes contain a section with a subscription form above the footer. Certainly, its look can differ depending on the theme you are using. Setting up the opt-in form on your website is a great way to start collecting your visitors’ emails and improve your newsletter or autoresponder campaign. By doing this you take advantage of a valuable opportunity to turn one-time visitors into regulars and customers.

Email notifications and a subscription form do not depend on each other and can be set up separately. There are some mailing services that provide settings of both notifications and subscriptions. However, after we carefully researched different services, we came to the conclusion that separate solutions would be more effective and selected the best services for each purpose

The subscription forms in Alidropship plugin can be integrated with either Mailchimp or Aweber services.

The default form that you can see on your web site is not connected to any service, its code has to be changed a bit to work. So what you need to do is to register with one of the offered services (Mailchimp or Aweber), create a code for your form and add the particular values from your Mailchimp code to the default one or paste the whole code from Aweber. 

According to our own experience and experience of our customers, Mailchimp is a more beneficial choice

If you would like to use some third-party solutions for integrating subscription form, just remove the code in customization to delete the built-in form on the home page.

To get more information about creating the account and setting the code follow our step by step guide.

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