Step 17. Setup Google Analytics tracking

E-commerce is a highly competitive business area. To stay on top, online entrepreneurs need to analyze the number of sales, revenues, products sold and many other factors to correct their strategy.

The most popular online analytics tool is Google Analytics. 

  • It is free and powerful
  • It can give you numerous valuable insights about the users of your website
  • It also tells you how many of your visitors convert to customers
  • It reveals whether your marketing strategy is effective enough.
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By zhengqy_yfy, Jun 14, 2018
there is a plugin called"‘Site Kit by Google”, will this plugin have same function with this step 18? thanks
By gosu, Jun 14, 2018
HI! We're afraid we don't use this plugin, so we can't comment on it. We looked it up, and it seems very useful, so it's definitely worth trying it. However, to set up Traffic Reports in your WP admin area, you need to set up Google Analytics anyway. Site Kit can't be used instead in this case.
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