Step 7. Create and upload store design elements

At first glance, the store design is perceived as a single whole. But this general impression is formed by several design elements. Different seemingly insignificant elements play an important role in business efficiency since they form your brand identity.

It’s about the location of content blocks, sliders, a place for banners with promotion notifications, an email subscription form, social buttons and many other components. Thus, you can draw the attention of your visitors to the right things and successfully use calls to action.

What webstore design elements are important for your business image? Traditionally, these elements are:

  • Custom logo
  • Header images
  • Icons
  • Favicon
  • Banners

These valuable elements help you form a brand identity of your dropshipping online store. If you don’t know Photoshop basics and don’t want to hire a designer, read this article to learn how to create store design elements in minutes.

All these design elements are uploaded in the Customization section. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


Logo plays a vital role for the image and reputation of your business. It helps you stand out from the crowd of your competitors and differentiate your store to your customers.

What points should you consider to make your logo effective and attractive?

  •         Express your essence

Your logo is the symbol of your brand. Together with your store name, it helps customers understand the essence of your business. Try to emphasize the moments that clearly show what you can offer to your customers.

  •         Avoid overloaded concepts

A simple logo has more chances to be recognized at once. Thus, don’t make the design too complicated. Besides, lots of tiny details will make it difficult to use your logo on favicon or somewhere else where smaller sizes are needed.

  •         Look ahead

Think a bit – will you be able to use the same logo if you broaden the product range? Will it remain relevant in a couple of years? Will you be able to change colors or background in case of rebranding?

Anyway, if you are not a professional designer, it may be difficult for you to create a perfect logo. That is the very case when it’s better to employ skilled professionals.

Header images

A great header is a must for every online store. Not only does it determine your visitors’ first impressions of your store, it also shows them what to expect.

The header is the top part of your online store, the first thing your visitors see, regardless of the page they land on. It only takes visitors a few seconds to decide whether it’s worth browsing your site or not, so this first impression is very important.

As a rule, the header includes the following elements:

  • Logo
  • Search bar
  • Shopping cart
  • USPs (Unique Selling Points) (like ‘free shipping’ or ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow’)
  • Quality labels (if any)
  • Payment methods and/or shipping partners
  • Contact details

Of course, some of them are optional. If your store is minimalistic, you can avoid adding too much information in your header – include it in your footer instead.


Proper icons are an integral part of any online store. They mark different options (a shopping cart, a contact form, a search bar) and illustrate items in your lists of features, services, items, etc. So, icons not only make your pages look more appealing, but also simplify store navigation.

This is why all icons must be functional and easy to understand. Your customers won’t need to break their heads trying to understand what this or that icon means.

Icons should also be pleasant to look at – they should match each other, as well as the overall design of your store. Take care of perfectionists – the inconsistency of icons may look irritating.


A favicon, a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon – they all are one and the same: a tiny icon that is placed in a browser tab and in a bookmarks list next to your website name. When a user has several tabs opened at the same time, favicons remind what page is opened in each tab.

Favicons matter much for your store branding as they help you represent your website and support your visual identity.

As a rule, favicons are a tiny version of your store logo (mostly 16×16 pixels). It is really a miniature image. That’s why you need to use only the logo for this purpose. Favicon is no place for text or complicated elements.


Banners are an essential part of your online store. They help you focus customer’s attention on definite products, categories or store sections you choose.

A good banner is one that works – irrespective of a message, color combination or graphic. If it motivates users to click, it is effective. There are points below to keep in mind when creating a winning banner.

  • Banner message

Focus on a single clear message. It must be short, immediately understood and inspire customers to action by using any of such words as ‘free’, ‘save’, ‘% off’, ‘new’, ‘limited offer’, ‘sale’, etc. The headline must be short and get the message across at a glance.

  • Call to immediate action

Your message should clearly create a sense of urgency. It’s usually hard to resist to limited offers – nobody wants to miss a chance! Online banners should emphasize the action that you want your customers to take, for example: Try This, Click Here, Last Chance, Press Here, etc.

  • Appearance

It’s reasonable to select only one or not more than two fonts. If you choose two fonts, they should complement each other.

Colors are also important. Remember that some colors have different connotations across various countries and cultures. Study these shades of meaning in your target country. Try to choose colors associated with holidays.

  • Relevant content

Your banners should be updated regularly. What can be worse than an outdated Christmas sale banner when it’s already St. Valentine’s day! By updating your banner early on, you can demonstrate to your customers that you are constantly keeping an ear to the ground.

Now, taking into consideration all the moment above, you can customize your store and create its fully unique image to have a great performance of your store in the future.