Step 18. Check if all systems work as planned

Great work has been done, and your online store is almost ready to be launched! Now you need to check your settings and test main options.

Consult this checklist to make sure that your store works like a dream!

  • Do all the products look good? Have you edited all the titles, descriptions, permalinks? Have you deleted all supplier information? Do the products match their categories?
  • Have you added product reviews to items? Are these reviews informative?
  • Can you select any color and size of the product?
  • Can you add products to cart? Can you see the correct product information in the modal window?
  • Can you remove the added item from the cart? Can you regulate the quantity of the chosen product with the buttons “-” and “+”?
  • Can you look for the product in the search bar?
  • Do your payment systems work correctly? Make a test purchase.
  • Does email notification work? Do you receive email notifications if somebody leaves a message in your ‘Contact Us’ form? Does your customer get an email notification ‘Thank you for your purchase’ after placing an order?
  • Have you set up the correct pricing formula?
  • Does your site look good on all gadgets, mobile platforms and in different web browsers?

Well, if all the answers are YES, then you did it! The store creation is probably completed, and you can proceed with store promotion – even more exciting part of running an e-commerce store. If you need a hand with ads, we’re here for you – check out Powerful Ad Campaigns For Your Store service.

P.S. If you don’t want to have just average results and need your store to generate the highest profit possible, get your store reviewed.  If your store is not ready to welcome customers (you might even not be aware of that) but you still promote it, you probably just waste your money. So, it’s better to check your store in advance!