Step 17. Provide contact details in header and footer

Making sure customers know how to get in touch with you is very important for lead generation and customers’ loyalty. Properly looking contact information helps you look accessible and credible – it’s an integral part of good customer service. So, make sure to provide the easy access to your contact details.

Contact details: what and where?

The contact page should contain all your actual contact information including:

  • Company name
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address of Customer Support
  • Link to a simple contact form

As a rule, contact information can be found in the header, the footer and on the contact page itself.


A header is one of the particularly important and effective sections of the web page or mobile screen. The upper part of the web page is strategic – it’s the first thing users see when visiting your site before scrolling down. Your header should provide the core information about your business so that users could scan it in a second.

A header is often referred to as a site menu and considered a key element of website layout navigation.

Make sure your header contains some key elements of brand identity, such as logo and brand name lettering. If you have a slogan, a mascot etc. – they also should be placed here.

Such basic contact information details as a phone number and email are a must in the header.

The main navigation should include such sections as “Contact” or “Contact us”. They are usually placed as the last item in the menu.

It’s a good idea to provide a link to the “Contact” page under “About us” as people often look for contact info under “About us”.

It’s always better to add the items “About us” and “Contact” to your main navigation. They shouldn’t be hidden somewhere in a secondary navigation like a toolbar or a footer. Contact information is vital and must be accessible via the main menu on every website, especially in online stores.


Footer is located at the bottom of every web page and repeats some elements of the header, in addition to website technical and legal information, security certificates, etc. Its font size is usually slightly smaller than the rest of the text.

Contact information in the footer should contain your phone number and email address or a link “Contact” or “Contact us”.

Web design standards suggest that contact information should be found at the top right part of the header, as well as in the bottom right or center of the footer.

Website footers usually provide a way to get in touch via email. Other company contact details typically include the address, a map or link to a map, and/or a telephone number.

A link to a map is helpful when designing for mobile devices. It’s also great if the contact phone number is clickable so that visitors can simply tap to call.

Companies that are active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, often add social icons or widgets that display their latest posts. AliDropship themes provide a special section “Social media” in the Customization menu for this purpose.

Sometimes we can see a little section about the company on the footer with an image or logo instead of having an “About Us” page in the main navigation.

Adding contact details

To add your contact information, go to Customization menu and choose the Header section. Here you can add and change your website logo.

Some themes, for example, DaVinci or Rembrandt, allow adding an additional image which can be used for payment system logos etc. In the Michelangelo there is an option to add some text. DaVinci supports free shipping logo. You can select logo background color as well.

Fill in the fields “Contact email” and “Contact phone”.

Add some information about your company on the About Us page. There is an option to download a photo.

Edit text displayed on the Contact Us page. Here you can also add a map to make your contact information more detailed.

Choose the Footer section to add payment, delivery, and security proof icons. They are used to demonstrate to customers that your website is trustworthy.

Now your online dropshipping store is fully ready to function. Yay!