Step 14. Choose, import and edit items from AliExpress

Importing products from AliExpress doesn’t take much time and effort if you have AliDropship Plugin. You can add as many products as you wish, there are no limits! But we recommend being scrupulous about product choice and editing. 

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On the one hand, the more items you upload, the more indexed pages you get, and the more chances your store has to be noticed by search engines. But then, having thousands of items, you can face problems with page speed. Besides, the too wide choice usually leads to poor sales result. This is one of those times when less is more.

So, try to be reasonable and limit yourself to as many positions as you can manage comfortably. You’ll be able to add something new at any moment.

Choosing products

Before you start to search for products, install and activate the AliDropship Google Chrome extension. It is very helpful (and free!). It will import and update products from AliExpress, collect tracking IDs and process your orders.

Start with entering your focus keyword into the field “I’m shopping for…”. Then tick the boxes “Free Shipping”(optional) and “4* and up”. Click the buttons ‘Orders’, ‘Newest’, ‘Seller rating’, and ‘Price ’to sort the results by various parameters.

The perfect variant is to select only products with free or cheap ePacket shipping. This option allows delivering small goods from China to any country in the quickest way. It saves your time and reduces costs. The items with ePacket will be automatically detected by the AliDropship extension.

What features should you consider when searching for dropshipping products for your store?

  •     Product description should cover essential product features: color, size, weight, material, etc.
  •     High-quality pictures
  •     Informative customer reviews
  •     Product rating 4*+
  •     300+ orders

Importing products

Go to AliDropship => AliExpress => Import Products.

There are two options for importing items:

  • Import from your plugin settings

You can filter products by keywords and category. There is an option to narrow search results by price, purchase volume and feedback score ranges. If you need to check the imported products, use the Go to Import List button.

  • Direct import from AliExpress

Click the Use Direct Import button which will redirect you to AliExpress in a new tab. (The tab with AliDropship importing section should stay opened all the time while you are importing products).

You can find the Extension settings on the red panel on a product category page of AliExpress. Click on the gear icon to filter products by shipping country, shipping method and product description type. Here you can also choose a category for importing products. The processing time and shipping method available for each product can be found on AliExpress category page.

You can use either of the two types of products import – single product or bulk import.

Choose the option of Single product import to add some particular items. Just click the orange AliDropship logo and start importing products from AliExpress one by one.

A tick next to the cart icon means that you have already imported this product to your store before. And if there is no active online store with the product, you’ll see a grey icon.

On a single product page, you can see AliDropship Seller’s score. It may differ from AliExpress score due to its advanced formula based on numerous important parameters. It’s better to select products with a score of 90% and more.

Edit button on the red Extension panel serves to edit product details before importing it to your store.

To make some essential changes, use the modal window. Product title, permalink, and category are edited in General section.

Product description is edited in the Description tab. To import products without text and/or images, tick the boxes “Remove text” and/or “Remove images”.

Edit images with the help of a handy built-in Image Editor tool. To begin editing an image, click on the pencil icon in its top right corner. Remove all AliExpress sellers’ logos – they look really cheap and don’t add credibility to your store. Product featured images can be changed, added and edited in the Gallery. 

Set new prices and recalculate them according to your previously set pricing formula in the Pricing tab.

Variations tab serves to edit or delete already existing variations as well as to add new attributes and variations. If you don’t want to save the changes you’ve made to the product, click Reset to Defaults.

Click Publish if you want to make the product visible on your site. If you want to hide the item from the customers for a while, click Add to Import List.

If you decide to import items in bulk, press Import button on the Extension panel. Here you can also see the number of products awaiting import and check the import progress.

Importing product images

When importing products to your store, you can either leave images on AliExpress or upload them to your server (which is much better for SEO).

If you want to save images to your server, use product images importing feature. Make sure that your hosting capacity is enough to store pictures on your server.

To adjust your settings, go to AliDropship => AliExpress => Settings => Product Images.

Choose the necessary product images and click Save Changes. When you add new products to your store, the chosen images will be saved on your hosting server.

Click Upload Images button to upload the product pictures you have imported before.

Editing products

If you have not edited products when importing, you can always come back to them later to edit product descriptions or product titles – this will make them unique and look more professional. Moreover, edited unique content on your site will lead to a better ranking by Google and will help you convert better on product pages.

Options for product customization allow you to edit titles, images, descriptions, shipping options, hide, rename or remove product variations, etc.

To customize a product, go to Product section in your WP admin area, select a product (or simply use ‘Edit item’ option on the product page) and make necessary changes.

You can start with editing the title of the product so that it meets certain requirements:

  •     Capitalize the first letter of each word
  •     Include keywords
  •     Delete unnecessary and misleading words
  •     Don’t use too many words (4-5 will be enough)
  •     Don’t use ampersands (&) in titles unless it is a part of the brand name

Make your permalink relevant to the product title and remove all unnecessary words in it. Click Edit next to permalink, delete all the text of the link and click OK.

Choose product category for the item on the right side of the bar.

The description field can be found below the product name field and permalink. Make sure that the descriptions uploaded from AliExpress are relevant, but it will be much better if you write new ones. Compose several sentences inspiring customers to buy this product and highlight some benefits they will get from it. Use bullet points to enumerate product’s features: size, material, an occasion to use, etc. Delete all information from the supplier, factory photos, etc. Check the spelling – grammar mistakes always look awful. 

Do not include any images in the Product Description field. All photos of the item should be displayed in the Gallery and Variations sections. But videos in the description are allowed – it will persuade your clients that your items match the description and look nice! In addition, it works great for your drop shipping store SEO.

One more tip: in size charts, use the type of metric system that your potential clients use.

Now your products look great, and you can proceed to the next step.

However, if you want to make the process of uploading products absolutely hassle-free, you can try Dropship.Me plugin. It lets you upload perfectly edited products that are ready for advertising!