Step 11. Integrate Admitad or EPN cashback program URLs into your webstore

Cashback is an awesome invention. This system allows you to take back some part of the money you spent online. Sounds good, right? 

The scheme is the following: you click a special link and buy the products you need on AliExpress. After the delivery, their cost is partially returned to your affiliate account. Then you can apply for a withdrawal and enjoy your extra profit.

AliDropship plugin allows you to get extra income with AliExpress Cashback system. No matter what country you live in – you have an opportunity to make purchases on AliExpress in the most profitable way. The size of your cashback depends on the number of purchases. The more you buy, the bigger cashback you get.

How does the process look like? When you receive an order from your customer, you visit Orders section and click Place Order button. If you have setup your cashback URL before (the detailed instructions are given below), you will be redirected to AliExpress. Now you can purchase some products for your customer and get your affiliate commission on your account.

To activate the cashback system, just register with EPN or Admitad networks (we’ll tell how below), get your affiliate link and insert it in the special field in Plugin settings. Your request will be instantly approved, and you will be able to enjoy up to 12% commission rate.

There is no much difference in what to choose – Admitad or EPN. Both programs provide support, have the similar percentage and withdrawal conditions.

The payouts are done once a week. You can withdraw your money via PayPal or wire transfer. Click here to check out the detailed commission structure.

Integrating Admitad cashback program

Open AliDropship plugin panel.

Go to AliExpress -> Settings and click Admitad AliExpress link. You will be redirected to Admitad site.

Choose I’m a Publisher => Sign Up.

Fill the required fields in the form and click Continue sign-up.

In the ad space type select Arbitrage agency and then Aliplugin.

Select any sales regions and categories. Add some information about your plan of promotion for the affiliate program. Click Continue sign-up.

There you are! Now you will get an email with an activation link and further instructions.

Log into your Admitad account.

Go to My Programs section.

Click Join programs.

Go to the details of the AliExpress program, check them and click the Apply button.

Wait until your application is approved.

Go to AliExpress program dashboard and click Link.

Copy your affiliate link, paste it in plugin settings and save changes.

Now all your AliExpress orders will bring you up to 12% commission on your Admitad account. Great!

Here are the instructions for money withdrawal from your Admitad account.

Integrating EPN cashback program

Open AliDropship plugin panel.

Go to AliExpress => Settings and click EPN AliExpress link.

You will be redirected to EPN site.

Click Sign Up button and enter the necessary details. Remember that you should register as a webmaster.

Log into your EPN account.

Select Tools => Deeplink.

Enter a name, select AliExpress offer and set the link to Click Create Deeplink.

Scroll down the page and click Get Affiliate link.

Copy it, paste in Plugin settings and save changes.

Voila! Now all your AliExpress orders will bring you up to 12% commission on your EPN account.

Here you will find instructions for wallets and money withdrawal from your EPN account.