Winning Product & Ad Strategy

US $299
6 - 7 business days
Would you believe that it’s possible to earn more than $5K in a month by dropshipping… a pearl necklace? We did it, and you can do that too with the help of this service. Read on!

After years of testing and analyzing ads, we found the gold mine strategy of the right product presentation and effective advertising. We know the secret of choosing cool products, making them look irresistible to your audience and advertising them efficiently to get high profits very fast. 

You’ll see how this strategy works, once we upload a winning product to your store and give you tools to advertise it. 

Why do you need to learn our secret product advertising strategy anyway?

  • Make your ads effective. We already spent days and thousands of dollars on finding the right strategy – so now you could save yours!
  • Scale your business with a powerful technique – you can apply it to many products and get profit
  • Save your money on hiring a marketer – you’ll be able to professionally advertise your store by yourself from now on
  • Increase your profit! The more effective your ads are, the more money appears in your bank account
Make business that brings profit
1 winning product
1 perfect product page
3 video ads
1 secret guide

After you order the Winning Product Ad Strategy service, what we do for you: 

  • Analyze recent product ads on social media
  • Select 3 winning products for your store and you choose one of them
  • Prepare an attractive page of this product on your site
  • Optimize this page to make it highly convertible
  • Craft 3 catchy video ads + 1 image ad for your winning product
  • Give you an effective & proven promotional strategy guide with all your further steps to help you create ads that convert

Start promoting your business today with our professional assistance! 😉

5 out of 5
Very Good
By Julie, Jul 23, 2020

Thank you, team! Now I feel like a pro in dropshipping even though before I wasn't familiar with the process. These guys give you all the tools for your success, help those are who unfamiliar to and provides extended supports. Wonderful!

By Mohammad, Jul 15, 2020

This service is perfect! The web page is way more than I expected, I am so thrilled and amazed. Totally worth it. I'm super excited about launching my ad campaigns.

By Maria, Jul 3, 2020

A must-have service for every dropshipper! Just place the order and they will show the magic! Magnificent products, wonderful videos, and a step-y-step guide on how to make your ads convert!

By Fahriya, Jun 28, 2020

Exceeded expectation!!! Very polite and works fast! Amazing support ever!

By Zarina, Jun 16, 2020

The best service ever!!! You never fail to amaze me! Huge thanks, Dropship Club!

By Mike, Jun 2, 2020

So happy with the work done! These guys are so wonderful, always available, helped me from 0 to everything. Explained to me all the steps to be done Highly recommend !!!!!

By Lili, May 19, 2020

Absolutely amazing service! The team is really friendly, and I liked the products very much! I chose one but I think I'll use 2 others later! Videos ar4e also really cool, I couldn't imagine you can make such a cool video almost out of nothing. I'm running my ads for a week now and already have sales - cool result! Huge thanks!

By Louisa, May 12, 2020

The team is very communicative, friendly, and works quickly. I really couldn't choose a product first, I liked all of them:) The video ads are simply amazing! Looking forward to a result!

By Martyn, May 2, 2020

Yeaah, now I can understand how all these guys from success stories nailed it! Thanks for sharing your secret!

By Kendrick, Apr 23, 2020

Thank you so much for creating my store ads off the top of your head. I totally recommend you guys to check them out. They created my ad video without me telling them specifically what I want and I love it. I also like the step-by-step guide which really helped me to understand the Facebook advertising structure.

By Zion, Apr 14, 2020

Thank you team for your outstanding work and support! Communication was great, they responded to me extremely fast! With the help of the team, I made a quick turn-around!

By Scott, Apr 3, 2020

Fantastic experience! I was skeptical but the result absolutely crushed it! Followed instructions and went above and beyond. Thanks a million!

By Sam, Mar 26, 2020

Totally recommend this service to any dropshipper that wanna make real money! Ad strategy guide will help you make your ads effective so be sure in your resullt:)

  • What comes next after I order ads?

After you order ads, our experts will swing into action. Your order will receive accelerated attention, after which you will be sent the list with three promising products, and you will choose one of them to be published in your store. After that our experts will also create three powerful video ads for this product and you'll get a link to a Google folder, which contains our secret guide on how to create ads that convert and run effectively, a Google Doc with all ad settings suggestions and ad texts and 3 exciting videos.

  • Is there a guarantee for sales?

Our ads are so effective that they increase the chance for sales. However, you should also note that several other factors drive sales, such as the implementation of our recommendations, the appearance of your website, strategies for optimizing your ads, your marketing efforts, to mention a few.

  • Will you handle my entire tasks in Ads Manager?

We would have loved to do this, but we care about the safety of your account. It can be banned by Facebook for being accessed by third parties. However, don’t worry as we will provide you with our secret guide that will enable you to run ads easily.

  • What if I want to change something in the delivered service package?

We want to save your time, so please check all your preferences before we start working on your order (we always ask our customers to fill into the form & tell about their preferences thoroughly). Please pay attention that after choosing your winning product, you cannot change it as far as our experts start working without any delays.

  • How soon will I receive my package?

Typically, delivery takes 7 business days.