Email Marketing Setup For Your Dropshipping Store

US $69
4 - 9 business days
Emails are good helpers on the way to gaining in sales. Let us make them automated for you! They could sell without your assistance for years.

Want your sales numbers to climb without any extra effort? It’s not unachievable, automated emails can do it! We’ll help you make it happen.

Our team used to tend 40 dropshipping stores, and you’d be surprised how many sales were made through our email marketing campaigns. So, we are fully ready to create unique and compelling promo emails (called follow-ups) for you. They effectively portray your products – and boost sales!

What are the benefits of the Email Marketing Setup service?

  • We take the whole process off your plate
  • You gain up to 20 hours of free time to focus on your business
  • You get orders without any effort
  • Automated emails work for years to come
  • You get more sales and repeat buyers!

So, if you are looking for email marketing of your business at an affordable price, then you have come to the right place.
NEW: Get fresh promo emails for your audience EVERY MONTH! Enjoy even more sales without lifting a finger 😉

Start email marketing at ease and advertise your products in automated follow-ups
4 follow-ups in sequence
2 reusable templates
covers 2 weeks
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Follow-ups for longer communication with customers - and more sales
8 follow-ups in sequence
3 email templates
covers 1 month
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Turn one-time customers into loyal ones with the help of emails - and get much higher profit!
16 follow-ups in sequence
5 email templates
covers 3 months
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By ordering an Email Marketing Setup, you get:

  • Responsive follow-ups made in MailChimp featuring products/categories of your store
  • Custom email templates that you can use in your future promotions – which saves your time & money
  • Guide to follow-up creation in MailChimp

Start earning more with less effort now – automated emails will help you out! 😉

4.9 out of 5
Very Good
By C.J., May 3, 2019

The emails look fantastic! Well-designed, everything works (and I like that they are responsive). It’s a perfect solution if you don’t have time to set email marketing yourself. Once I tried to make them on my own, I was lost in mail chimp site and couldn’t find where I should place my products.

By zinzaclicker, Mar 29, 2019

Frankly speaking, I didn’t want to buy emails, I thougt it would be a waste of money. I saw this offer on FB and give it a try. Now I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve ordered an extended plan just to test. I got 8 emails and a special guide. I'm satisfied with the quality of emails and willl launch them soon.

By geoffreymcm1llan78, Mar 27, 2019

Thanks Dropship club! Like the idea of doing nothing and still getting orders :) Have about 300+ email addresses for now, will start sending the followups soon and let you know.

By workholics24hrs, Mar 25, 2019

We saw this service in Google ads and found it interesting. Follow ups are a real thing! The clients connect to us much more than they used to, we are getting more comments and our sales increased pretty good. Thank you! I’ll definitely come back later! :)

By m1r3llahawk1ns, Mar 23, 2019

The only thing regret is that I didn't find you earlier

By avi619, Mar 22, 2019

I just loved it because the whole mail was perfectly attuned to the feel of our product. We now have more customers that come back to us.

By nikolettmlnr, Mar 13, 2019

i ordered a premium package of emails to promote dresses and accessories I uploaded recently. emails look stylish and trendy, all in minimalistic style, just as I requested. i’m pleased with the service, it helped me make more sales. thanks!

By marshmallowloverr, Mar 1, 2019

I want to make more sales, and I believe automated emails are a real lifesaver here if you don't have time to make newsletters every week. Like the design of follow-ups made - very neat and appealing.

By hipityhopityhop13, Feb 22, 2019

Reсommend this service. I appreciate Dropship Club team's work - nice texts, good subjects, product choice, email responsiveness. I'm glad I found you

By bestforward2323237, Feb 12, 2019

I liked this service - especially the part of looking ready follow-ups through and understanding that I need to edit nothing as everything is perfect! Like catchy subject lines as well. Very professional!

By abbyzelenka87@gmailcom, Jan 4, 2019

It was very fast and high-quality service. I launched it immediately and have several orders already. I’m pleased and plan to order one more package for my sale season.

By sherlyggg, Jan 2, 2019

Mail is a good channel to make customers loyal. I tried email marketing and it became easier to sell products to the clients again.

By kachaeva.94, Jan 1, 2019

I got the email marketing setup for my store by Dropshipclub experts. I like how my follow-ups look and by the way your guide is very helpful! Thanks!

By carxidomena, Dec 30, 2018

I got 20 follow-ups in November and it helped me to increase my sales twice during my Christmas sale. I’m really happy!

By kinoshitay118, Nov 15, 2018

It is a high-quality service. I launched it immediately and had several orders right after the launch. I’m pleased and plan to order one more package for the high season.

  • What happens after I order Email Setup?

Well, our experts start working on it! When it’s done, you can go straight to your MailChimp account and start sending your newly created emails to subscribers.

  • When are the emails for my store completed?

The delivery time depends on the package you order. It may vary from 4 to 17 business days.

  • Why MailChimp?

This mailing service is ideal for beginners.  It’s free (up to 2K emails in your lists) and it’s easy to use with its “drag&drop” editor.

  • Do you guarantee sales?

We create effective emails. Sales results may depend on the condition of your dropshipping store & products, their prices, your optimization strategies, customers support and the number of subscribers in your email list.

  • “Covers # weeks” in the rate table - what does that mean?

It means that each of your subscribers will get emails from your automated sequence one by one within this time.