Irresistible Lead Magnet

US $159
6 - 7 business days
Even if you’ve never heard the term “Lead Magnet” before, it’s never too late to reap its benefits to boost sales! Lead Magnets are extremely common for one simple reason – they work very well maximizing the number of email addresses of your potential customers. Then just use them in your email marketing campaigns & be ready to roll in money!

Getting the email address of your prospects is a valuable transaction. It converts them to a lead, expresses interest in your offer, and gives you the ability to market your products or services to them.

The problem is most people are stingy about sharing their email addresses, so they have to feel assured that there’s something valuable in it for them – which is where your Lead Magnet comes in.

We’ll create an e-book presenting your products in a beautiful way & give you the tools allowing customers to receive it.

So, how does this all work?

  • An ad attracts traffic to your site;.
  • People visit your site and see a pop-up with an attractive offer;
  • People leave their email addresses to receive a useful e-book;
  • Throughout the e-book, people accidentally on purpose come across your products and visit your product pages. Moreover, at the end of the e-book, we put a coupon inspiring for purchases.
  • You have plenty of email addresses to use for future email marketing campaigns.
Package #1
Pick this package if you have already bought lead generation pop-up from us.
1 e-book presenting your products in an engaging way
1 new pic for your pop-up
E-book setup in the existing welcome follow-up
Ad material (1 pic, 1 text, target audience) for attracting traffic to your site
Step-by-step guide on how to launch ads
Package #2
Pick this package if you have not tried lead generation pop-up from us.
Lead generation pop-up setup
A welcome email with an e-book for leads
1 e-book presenting your products in an engaging way
Ad material (1 pic, 1 text, target audience) for attracting traffic to your site
Step-by-step guide on how to launch ads

So, why do dropshipping entrepreneurs choose this service:

  • The guide inspires people to place an order on your site by showing the advantages & benefits of your products & offering a promo code.
  • Statistics show that usage of a lead magnet allows getting 300-400% more new customers.
  • The guide is super reusable: with its help, you can make more engagement in your social media pages, send it as a bonus for purchases or use in Lead Ads on Facebook.
  • This service is a perfect solution for increasing brand-awareness which is vital. The more people trust you, the more they will buy.
  • You get a life-long opportunity to collect email addresses of your potential customers, send them advertising letters & boost sales.

An irresistible Lead Magnet immediately grabs the attention of your buyer persona and delivers real value to them. By winning over your leads with a free offer, you are piquing their interest in your paid offers and starting your relationship on a positive note.

5 out of 5
Very Good
By Laurie, Jul 20, 2020

Really pleased with the quality of the product and the service provided. Produced a very stylish and creative pdf. Highly recommend to any drop shipper!

By Vinnie, Jul 13, 2020

Really impressed with the main PDF and coverpage image. Actually I can't believe this is something mase for MY STORE! Thanks:)

By Keane, Jul 3, 2020

These guys have fantastic eyes for design! I really like that they offer you a package that really works rather than tons of something- something! Thanks:)

By Ana, Jun 22, 2020

The team is simply not human. The quality and the level of the work is from another planet it's that good!! If you are worried about prices DON'T BE! The work is easily worth 5x the charging price, it's really that good!! Thanks

  • What comes next after I order the service?

Well, our experts start working on it! When it’s done, you will receive an email notification, after which you will be sent a link to a Google folder, which contains a guide on how to make ads, advertising picture, a Google Doc with all the targeting settings and texts, e-book. Your pop-up will be installed and ready to generate leads for you.

  • You set up a pop-up on my site. Will you do email marketing for me using the collected emails?

Lead Generation Pop-up setup includes creating one welcome email with a captivating e-book for your subscribers. To get more emails for your sequence, you can order another service – click here.

  • Will you handle my entire tasks in Ads Manager?
We would have loved to do this, but we care about the safety of your account. It can be banned by Facebook for being accessed by third parties. However, don’t worry as we will provide you with our secret guide that will enable you to run ads easily.
  • Is there a guarantee for sales?
Our ads are so effective that they increase the chance for sales. However, you should also note that several other factors drive sales, such as the implementation of our recommendations, the appearance of your website, strategies for optimizing your ads, your marketing efforts, to mention a few.
  • What if I want to change something in the delivered service package?
We want to save your time, so please check all your preferences before we start working on your order (we always ask our customers to fill into the form & tell about their preferences thoroughly). As an exception & as a last resort, we accept one set of corrections.
  • Can I get this service in any language other than English?
The service is provided in English only. Thank you for understanding.
  • How soon will I receive my package?
The delivery time may vary from 6 to 7 business days.